What is an indexed offer and Indexed Offers Platform


  1. The indexed offer allows the purchase of the volume of electricity at prices determined on the basis of current quotations on the Polish Power Exchange.
  2. You can ask one of your consultants to make the purchase for you or you can do it personally using the Indexed Offers Platform.
  3. You decide when, at what price and how much of your contracted volume you want to buy at any given time. You have the freedom to make a single purchase or buy in tranches, on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.


​​​​​​The Indexed Offers Platform (IOP) is a modern tool for purchasing electricity. 
With IOP, you have access to up-to-date information on current electricity prices on the Polish Power Exchange. This tool also provides for optimization of transactions by creating simulated purchases of energy tranches and setting up personalized price notifications.

You decide at what price and how much energy you buy at a given moment! You thus modify the electricity bills through conscious decisions!

How it works


Step 1 - Contact

Fill in and send the form below. Our consultant will contact you to present an offer and the detailed terms and conditions of the contract.


Step 2 - Offer

We will define your expectations and arrange the terms and conditions.  If you accept the indexed offer, we will sign a contract.


Step 3 - Operation

  •  You get access to the IOP platform.
  • You decide when you want to buy a tranche and what percentage of the volume.
  • Our consultant will do it for you if such is your preference.

Fill in the form and our consultant will call you back.

Why is it worth

What else is in it for you

We have started a new functionality in IOP to support SPOT offers.

The functionality gives the option to check the price that has been set for the volume priced based on the SPOT market prices and download the data based on which the price was set.  With this purchasing model, you can take advantage not only of the futures market, but also of the Day-Ahead Market, where the price change dynamics is greater.

This gives you even more flexibility in managing your company's accounts.


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You contract energy in tranches